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please call for most up to date schedule


Adult Class

Combines functional movement patterns and plyometrics paired with a wide array of equipment.  Classes will help build overall strength and core stability while promoting fat loss and lean muscle growth. New workouts are written daily and are modified to meet your level of fitness.

Kickboxing Bootcamp

This high-intense class will have you burning fat while reducing stress.  You can expect a combination of punches and kicks complemented by bodyweight exercise and agility work.


Keep yourself moving through creative sequences of yoga postures with occasional hold. All movements are demonstrated with beginner and advance versions and can be performed with the help of props if needed.

Youth Classes

Power, Agility, speed and strength based exercises to help young adults begin developing their abilities at an early age.

Personal Training

Our experienced coaching staff will assess your current level of fitness, evaluate short and long term goals, and develop a custom program to help get you there. 


Special Needs Fitness

General fitness class designed for medium to high level functioning teens with developmental disabilities.

Open Gym

Extra time to make-up a workout you missed or follow the workout provided for that day. You can

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