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Eddie Camaroto


Master Trainer



ACE certified Personal Trainer
Physical Therapist
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Special Population Medical Risk Client Specialist
Arthritis Foundation Certified Trainer
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Phase III Certified Specialist
Autism/Down Syndrome Specialist Trainer
Mental Health Advisor.


I train ALL clients but specialize with clients that need to take certain medical precautions when they
workout. If you have knee, shoulder, back, Arthritis, Cancer, Obesity, MS, FMS, as well as any other
medical conditions, etc. I have the expertise, knowledge, and abilities to help you. I bring Tabata,
CrossFit, HIIT, TRX, Body Weight, therapy based, massage, physical therapy, and standard gym workouts
into the mix to assure a level of fun, purpose, and maintainability. I can show you how to work around
any limitation you have so you can reach what ever medical or personal goal you wish to reach.

Fun fact

facts: I am a former Golden Gloves boxer, I am a black belt in Aikido, Krav Maga, and recently started Wing Sung. I have saved two clients lives performing CPR on them (one client was twice – in the same year!). One time I noticed anomalies with client I was giving a gym tour and sent them to the hospital. They were having the beginning of a heart attack and their life was saved Another time I was Classification: Internal training a new client and noticed some symptoms of high blood sugar and out of sorts behavior. I advised them to seek out immediate emergency care. They did and had a blood sugar that was so high their doctor stated they were about to go into a diabetic coma. There are many more stories like these in my career. You get a high level of expertise when we train together.

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