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What The People are Saying

My name is Kristine Levchik. I have been a member of your gym for a few months. I am thrilled with my experience here so far. The gym is clean, easy to use you have been great to work with. I used to work for my friend's Powerhouse Gym years ago and the difference in your gym and there is night and day.
All that said when I first signed up with Mike P I was very weary of using a trainer but I also knew that I needed one to help me navigate my workouts. While I had worked in a gym I had never really been on the floor due to my disability. You see I had an ankle replacement 4+ years ago. Before then I lived in wheelchairs and had many surgeries due to a bone disease in my ankle. While I had been able to do some walking since the replacement, I often had pain and a hard time walking on varying surfaces. My ankle barely moved, and it was hard to keep up with my kids. I limped often and walking in front of others was painful for me mentally and emotionally as well. I walked with shoes that rocked just so I could move faster. I lacked confidence and it was at times depressing to not be able to walk like others, and enjoy simple things like walking on the beach. My body was not strong and my ankle was more of an anchor than anything else. When my friend suggested we join a gym, I was not thrilled about it but figured I'd do it.
      Al though I had my reservations and feared I'd not be someone a person would want to work with because I am a both bigger woman and I had/have the limitations that I do, I agreed to work with Mike.
From the first day that I began to work with Mike I felt comfortable with him. He really took the time to listen to me and not judge the situation. He did not try to make me do things that my ankle was not ready to do, but challenged me to believe in what I could do. He is not one who works from a trainer's ego, but more from a trainer's heart and skills. He gave me stretching exercises to do on my own and in time I began to notice I walked with less of a limp. I was able to walk more gracefully and be stronger. I could bend my ankle and body in ways that I had never before. Each time we met Mike used his skills and his attention to the unique needs I have to help me move farther along than I ever have. He was patient during times my ankle hurt and adjusted things to help me work other parts of my body. He remembers the things I talk to him about and he does not make me feel like I am just another client on his dance card. He allows me to try new Boxing. For me to stand and have that balance and power is truly remarkable. Mike asked me if I had ever boxed and I think I surprised him when I said I had not boxed before.
Its been a few months of working with Mike, and the change in who I am as a person is incredible. I feel stronger than I have in many many years. Everyone around me notices the difference in how I walk and carry myself, and how my body is changing. I walked on the beach and went dancing for the first time. I was able to jog a little too (even though it was mostly just to catch a toddler). I also got to wear high heel shoes for the first time ever. I am both stunned, and proud of my progress. At 38, after almost 18 years of pain and being on the sidelines, I finally am at a place where I feel I can actually play ball.
Today when Mike challenges me to do something, I am less weary and even if I am stuck at the moment, I know I will at least get it. I may not be losing pounds and inches as fast as others may have in the time I have been training but I am now in a place where I know that can happen for me. I look forward to my time at the gym with Mike and though I have spent the summer in Pine Beach, I specifically drive up here to train with Mike. I am a single mom and I work 3 jobs, and while training can be very tough on me financially, I do it because of who Mike is and how much I have grown under his care. I am truly forever changed because of the gym and because of what Mike has done for me.
Kristine Levchik.... a very satisfied client.
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